Who we are


About Us

Akefada International Limited was incorporated in 2010 as a real estate and investment firm with a vision to be a world class home service provider by the year 2050 that would be an authority in the retail, commercial and residential real estate business in view of our passion to provide shelter and business place for people of different classes.

Our mission is to provide residential, commercial and retail real estate services made easy to customers on a good payment scheme, we make an emphasis to listen to our clients and build them the home of their dreams thereby making them fulfill their dream of a house of their own.

Our corporate identity is to be seen as a world class home service provider, creating a standing relationship that is built on customer service, honesty and integrity.

Meanwhile, the core objective of the company is to develop acres of land for estates (Residential. commercial and Retail) at affordable prices for clients and equally assist our customers to pay for real estate’s products under a favourable payment scheme. 

Our philosophy is to always build the best, most cost-effective houses that technology is capable of producing. We specialize in high-quality custom homes, and offer clients individual home or community building services that are in line with government’s housing schemes. We shall equally provide good investment opportunities for clients who are interested in land speculating and are looking for a secure means of investment.